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06/22/2019 - 06/23/2019

Winthrop, WA, USA

The 2019 Methow Singletrack Celebration and Methow Valley Brewfest is set to sizzle again in Winthrop, Washington on the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd. Come slake your thirst for quality singletrack and crafty beers.  Keep in mind that all that riding and imbibing can be justified as supporting a good cause! Both events are important fundraisers for the Methow Valley Chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and all proceeds from this event support the Methow Chapter's mission to improve mountain biking and trails in the Methow Valley.

Recommended Books and Gear for the Methow

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Mini Bike Repair Kit
Running Gloves
Rainy Pass North Climbing Guidebook
Rainy Pass South Climbing Guidebook
Biodegrable Ski Wax
Hydration Pack

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