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Riser Lake

Lewis Butte


Winthrop, WA, USA

The ride is at 373 Rendezvous Rd (just past DK's place). We are exactly 3.73 miles up the Rendezvous on the left; there is a big sign at the entrance that reads "Gina and Dave Johnston". Come on up the driveway and park near the big barn. Dave will help with parking. Anyone who needs to stay over is welcome! The ride is in the Rendezvous/Lewis Butte area for 3.5 to 4 hours; we'll start the ride at noon, so be here before the 11:30 saddle up time. After the ride we'll have a pot luck BBQ. We are providing meat and a large pasta dish so bring any dish you want to share! We will also have beer and wine, but bring your own favorite drink if you like. The kitchen will be open for heating or plugging in any dish that might need that too. Can't wait to see everyone!

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